Quality and compliance

We believe in trust and integrity in all aspects of our business. We strive for the highest level of quality and act responsible in all our activities reflecting a high ethical standard. We value honesty and mutual respect and recognize that our success depend on a good internal working environment and that we all have a responsibility in this.

At Macure Pharma we work with quality from the requirement of Good Distribution Practice and follow the current rules and regulations, that the national pharmacy board is securing that we fulfil by conducting audits on a regular basis.

Macure Pharma is as a pharmaceutical company subject to several public rules and regulations, including various authorisations from the authorities to run the business. Please find a copy of the key authorisations below:


You can view Macure Pharma’s approvals here:

You can view Macure Pharma’s certifications here

Pharmacovigilance statement on Pharmacovigilance: