Unlicensed medicine


Unlicensed medicine / Named Patient Programs

Macure Pharma makes the right medicine available in a timely manner to healthcare professionals with specific needs for medications.

Timely access to medication is crucial to the success of healthcare professionals. Therefore, Macure Pharma goes to great lengths to deliver on time.

Unlicensed medicines are used when patients are unable to get the desired medical treatment with the products available in the market. We work in close collaboration with the healthcare professionals and our partners to provide the medicine they need fast.

There are multiple reasons why a product is unavailable in a particular country:

  • It is under development, undergoing clinical trials
  • It has been discontinued
  • It has not yet been registered/marketed in the particular country
  • It is on back order, because a pharmaceutical company is unable to keep up with demands
  • It only has effect on a small group of healthcare professionals and is therefore only registered/marketed in few countries

Macure Pharma has a commitment to help improve the lives of all healthcare professionals with unmet needs for medications.

Open for collaboration

At Macure Pharma, we value partnerships and collaboration. Our success is defined by our strategic selection of people and partnerships around the world.

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